Meet Julio Lopez: An Inside Look at Movable Ink’s Client Strategy Team

Here at Movable Ink, we’re dedicated to helping our clients create scalable, world-class visual experiences. So, we sat down with Julio Lopez, Associate Director of our Client Strategy Team’s retail practice to learn more about our new Accelerate Program and how Movable Ink is helping our clients embrace innovation.

Could you tell us more about the Client Strategy team’s goals?

We’re working in tandem with an elite selection of clients to address their biggest pain points and help them get forward-thinking strategies to market in an accelerated timeline. That could be anything from auditing their tech stack to see if there are better ways to integrate, figuring out how to make their email program more successful, or identifying process dependencies.

Through deep discovery with the client to understand their business, KPIs, and long-term goals, we can propose strategies for accomplishing each goal and maybe even identify new ones the client had not yet thought of, and begin to solve for those as well.

What’s your role on the Client Strategy team?

We want to make sure we do right by our clients as the martech world continues to evolve and becomes more difficult to navigate. We want to be able to go to the client and say ‘Let me be your partner in navigating these extremely choppy waters as we push forward with digital transformation.’

As the lead strategist for our retail vertical I bring clients the industry experience I have acquired working with retailers across many different sectors. A significant part of my role involves keeping up with market trends – understanding what is happening now and how that might affect a client’s strategy. My role is to deliver playbooks, strategies, and structured engagement models that will help our retail clients make the most of their martech stack and find more value working with Movable Ink. More succinctly put, I help our clients get ahead of any curveballs that the industry may throw our way in the future by crafting value-driving strategies today.

What do you find most exciting about joining this new team?

Throughout my career I’ve built things from the bottom up: starting new departments, defining dynamic workflows and processes, taking ambiguous concepts and turning them into tangible value driving deliverables. It makes me really excited to start something new with Movable Ink – something that I know will bring significant value to our clients given our board’s commitment to this nimble team coupled with the quality of the talent we have hired to support it.

It gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment to be able to, out of thin air, craft something that is tangibly impactful for the end user. In this case, we can help our clients be successful because we’re giving them a full picture of the path forward: the low hanging fruit we can act on right away, as well as the long-term possibilities and the road map to get there. Marketers are so strapped for time that they can’t always focus solely on these initiatives. Being the one on the ground making the connections is really where I’m most efficient, and that’s where the excitement comes from.

How do you think brands can stay innovative in 2019?

Benchmark yourself against your industry, see what the best-in-class are doing, and most importantly listen to your tech partners. Your tech partners should be regularly coming to you with ideas. A true partner will brainstorm with you, iterate with you, and is in tune with what’s going on in the market because they work with hundreds of companies, allowing them to see what really moves the needle.

About the author

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 3.45.02 PMPrior to joining Movable Ink, Julio worked across multiple SaaS companies whose integrated solutions focused on driving digital innovation for retailers. At Experian CheetahMail (now Cheetah Digital) he worked on strategic email program development and deployment. At RevTrax he worked closely with the executive team to manage the evolution of the product, define go-to-market strategies, and led the Customer Experience organization in delivering ROI targets for the client base. Julio joins Movable Ink from Eversight, where he led strategic engagements that leveraged the software to create and deliver smart, dynamic pricing and targeted promotions.