Why Agile?

Email marketing as usual isn’t working.

Email marketing has come a long way. From batch and blast, to basic segmentation, to dynamic content assembly, and most recently, to highly sophisticated, predictive marketing campaigns. But even predictive marketing can only take a marketer so far. There’s always the chance that when you’re convinced your customer is going to zig, they end up zagging.

What is Agile Email Marketing?

Agile email marketing is the next frontier in the evolution of email marketing. It doesn’t just predict where, when and how a consumer opens an email; it actually knows. Agile email marketers are Faster, Smarter, and more Measurable than their competitors.

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Spend less time planning campaigns and more time executing. Come up with ideas on the fly, iterate and deploy rapidly.


Create intelligent, personalized campaigns that are always relevant to the recipient. Optimize offers and content in real-time based on deep insight and data.


Go beyond opens and clicks. Look at deeper measures of engagement, and know the hard facts about how campaigns are performing in bottom line dollars and cents.

Agile Email Marketers

Agile email marketers are innovators. They are creative. The chains of last generation technology and old-school thinking don’t bind them.

Hundreds of the world’s biggest brands have already gone agile. We’re excited about the prospect of having you join them.

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