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A Sneak Peek at SMS Link Preview

Brands know that SMS works. It’s short, sweet, to the point, and delivered on the device that customers always have on hand. In fact, SMS can see a 400% increase in revenue per customer compared to email when done right. So why do so many brands struggle to realize this potential?

They’ve been between a rock and a hard place with limited options. Either choose text-based SMS at an affordable rate or opt for MMS which allows for multimedia content, but only with an expensive price tag.

Enter Movable Ink's SMS Personalization Solution, empowering brands to deploy messaging that has the engaging visuals of MMS at the price point of SMS, all while featuring the powerful 1:1 personalization Movable Ink is known for.

The Dynamic SMS Link Preview is coming soon. Sign up here to watch Carolyn Newmark’s Think Summit presentation and be one of the first to get a preview of the revolutionary new product.

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