Total Economic Impact of Movable Ink

Forrester Consulting Evaluates the Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Movable Ink in Commissioned Study

  • Roi 373% ROI*

  • Payback 3 Month Payback

Learn how Movable Ink can generate millions in revenue and an impressive ROI by improving campaign performance, cutting production costs, and reducing time to market.

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More Revenue with Less Effort

"Because of the capabilities that Movable Ink provides, we're able to deliver content that resonates with customers at an individual level. We're able to do this at scale. With our previous process, we would never be able to create the number of variants necessary to do anything like this."

Director of email marketing | Global travel and entertainment website

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Increase Click-Through Rates & Productivity

With the investment in Movable Ink, email teams gained the ability to message to customers on an individual basis.

Personalized content performed substantially better, with click-through rates (CTR) rising more than 125% for some segments.

At the same time, because Movable Ink content is generated automatically from existing creative and data sources, less work and rework was required to execute an email campaign.

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