Your Win is Our Win

Our global Client and Partner Experience organization is obsessed with helping brands meet their business goals by leveraging the Movable Ink platform.

Our Services

We offer a number of services to help our clients get the most out of the Movable Ink platform and maximize the impact of their cross-channel digital marketing campaigns.

From campaign strategy to product training and custom app development, our services scale to meet your needs.

  • Onboarding Onboarding and training
  • Strategy Strategy and planning
  • Planning Campaign planning, project management, and analytics
  • Support Campaign production and technical support
  • Webinars Support center and training webinars
  • Se Solutions engineering

See what people are saying about us

"They’re an extension of us. They’re in the weeds with us. They make sure that everything we do is as close to perfection as possible. I would absolutely recommend Movable Ink to other companies." - Katie White, HotelTonight
"The CX team helps us challenge ourselves, they help us understand what we could be doing better. They help us get better every day." - Joshua Mann, Comcast
"We have brainstorming sessions, they’ll give us ideas, they’ll send us use cases of what other people in the field are doing, and how we can best utilize the platform. We’ve been really happy with that, and that wasn’t something we expected going into it." - Justine Pletnick, Philadelphia Flyers
"Working with the Movable Ink Client Experience team has been amazing. They are fully dedicated to the success of our partnership." - Elizabeth Bell, Tough Mudder
"I’ve worked with many CX teams. Movable Ink’s CX team is unbelievable. Not only are they proactive, they are results-oriented. They want to make you better." - Darren Senzon, Pitney Bowes

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