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Seamless provides a quick, easy way to order food for delivery and takeout through its mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and through its website. With more than 10,500 restaurants, 250,000 user generated reviews, 45,000 menus and thousands of exclusive discounts, Seamless offers a diverse variety of options for making hungry customers happy.

Seamless was promoting its mobile app by displaying a generic banner in its Welcome email to all new subscribers. The banner would drive them to click to a landing page where they then had to click again to iTunes or Google Play to download the correct app. Seamless was concerned that requiring so many clicks caused people to drop off and not complete the app download process.

Personalize email creative based on the devices recipients are using to open their email, and shorten the conversion funnel by taking users directly to their correct app stores with a single click.

Seamless used Movable Ink's device targeting technology to identify which devices recipients were using to view their emails and serve device-specific banners in real-time. Rather than generically stating, "Download our mobile app," the banners specifically promoted the app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. When recipients clicked the banner, they were taken directly to the correct app store where they could immediately download the right app.

By personalizing creative, Seamless saw double the number of clicks on its device-specific app download banners compared to its previous generic one. With less friction and fewer drop offs, twice as many clickers also ended up placing delivery orders through its app.

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