• Movable Ink Takes “Best in Show” for Demo at Card Forum 2019

    “Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today announced that it earned “Best in Show” for its product demo at Card Forum 2019, the preeminent financial services event for card and payment executives at the industry’s leading issuers, networks, retailers, and innovators...The live product demo of Movable Ink’s visual experience platform was given by Alison Lindland, VP of Client Strategy, and Jackie Mattia, Associate Director, Client Strategy. Together, they showcased how Movable Ink can enable card and payment platform marketers to free their data from silos to automatically generate intelligent creative in email to mirror the real-time and highly visual experiences that are typically found in the logged-in state of card issuer websites. ”

    PRWeb - June 19th, 2019

  • The Monday Stack: Salesforce, Tableau, and Personalization

    “Pegaworld 2019, which we covered last week, was not - of course - just about Pega. Our near neighbors Movable Ink, the dynamic email and website guys, had their own (Pega-related) announcement. Movable Ink renders personalized email content at the time an email is opened, responsive to context; it now does the same for web-pages. Imagine how that could be powered by real-time next-best-action recommendations - which, of course, is Pega's sweet spot.”

    DM News - June 10th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Partners with Pega to Improve Customer Engagement with AI

    “This partnership expansion brings Movable Ink’s ability to activate and turn Pega’s AI-powered next-best actions into unique visual experiences to a wider range of clients seeking out-of-the-box solutions that will accelerate their time to market.”

    MarTech Advisor - May 30th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Joins The Pega Independent Software Vendor Program

    “Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, is now a member of the Pega Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program. Movable Ink’s ISV membership expands its relationship with Pega and reinforces the combined value both companies provide. Movable Ink’s ability to test and generate unique and engaging visuals coupled with Pega’s advanced AI, decisioning, and analytics capabilities that facilitate the right action for individual customers in real time, enables marketers to provide the best possible experience that’s consistent across email and other channels.”

    PRWeb - May 29th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Named One of Inc. Magazine’s 2019 Best Workplaces

    “Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today announced that it was named to Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2019, the publication’s fourth annual ranking in the fast-growing private company sector.”

    PRWeb - May 19th, 2019

  • Using Artificial Intelligence To Customize Content Without Bias

    “Customizing content using artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way content is consumed and monetized today. From media to manufacturing, AI is playing a dominant role in how companies create content that's more personalized, relevant and responsive. Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink says that AI is a broad term that encompasses many different goals and approaches to solving personalization goals.”

    Forbes - April 29th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Integrates with SmarterHQ to Enhance Real-time Email Personalization with Unified, Cross-Channel Customer Data

    “Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today announced a partnership with SmarterHQ, the leading multi-channel behavioral marketing platform, to enable deeper personalization in email based on a customer’s behavior and interests, as well as real-time contextual data such as location, device, weather, product price and inventory.”

    PR Web - April 29th, 2019

  • Movable Ink brings AR fun, and more funds, to The Movember Foundation

    “The Movember Foundation is all about growing facial hair for a good cause, but the non-profit organization also wants people to have fun while they’re raising money. Enter Movable Ink, a company that creates digital tools for marketers, which brought augmented reality (AR) to the mustache-growing community.”

    The Drum - April 11th, 2019

  • Movable Ink & Veeva's Journey to IPR

    “We sat down with Movable Ink’s Founder and CEO, Vivek Sharma, and Veeva’s co-founder and president, Matt Wallach to discuss their experiences getting to Initial Product Release (IPR). IPR is when a startup’s product first becomes available to the public and target users. At this stage, the startup is on the hunt for market and customer validation metrics that demonstrate the viability of the product (or service) in the marketplace.”

    Wildcat Venture Partners - March 22nd, 2019

  • 3 Reasons Why AR Can Help Transform Digital Marketing

    “Marketers need to sift through a lot of tech hype. But here are three reasons why AR, more than other trends, is well-positioned to be the next big thing for digital marketing.”

    MediaPost - March 13th, 2019

  • Get some Augmented Reality Email buzz with Movable Ink

    “Movable Ink is bringing a bit of Augmented Reality (AR) to email (and other channels). The company we know from their dynamic imaging and such, recently launched a new addition in the form of an augmented reality experience application. In short, the app lets users create branded selfies to then have fun with, and share.”

    Email Vendor Selection - March 13th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Partners with EveryMundo to Bring Real-Time Fare and Flight Information to Email

    “Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today announced a partnership with EveryMundo, a leading provider of performance marketing solutions for the global airline industry, to help airline brands ensure their customers are getting relevant and up-to-date fare information every time they open their email. The integration of real-time fare information from the EveryMundo FareWire® API with Movable Ink’s platform for creating unique visual experiences enables airline brands to add 1:1 data visualizations that are updated at the moment of open. ”

    PRWeb - March 4th, 2019

  • Data Point of the Week: AR Boosts Email Marketing Engagement 75%

    “AR is being applied in all kinds of places as an engagement driver for brand advertising and commerce. So it was only a matter of time before it reached one of the oldest but consistently-effective digital marketing mediums: email. Movable Ink has done just that. The company lets marketers create email components that activate AR experiences for recipients. So clicking on an AR call-to-action activates the front-facing camera and launches AR interactions that involve the sender’s product. This can involve style items, travel, food and several verticals.”

    AR Review - February 25th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Adds Augmented Reality Solution to Its Visual Experience Platform

    “Movable Ink, the visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today announced new augmented reality capabilities for its platform that enable any marketer to easily create branded, browser-based AR experiences that can be launched from email, web and display ads without the need to download a mobile app.”

    PRWeb - February 19th, 2019

  • Movable Ink adds augmented reality to email marketing arsenal

    “Movable Ink has always helped marketers create highly customizable, visually interesting emails. Today, the company announced a new capability for marketers who want to introduce light-weight augmented reality (AR) to their campaigns. Moveable Ink co-founder and CTO Michael Nutt says the company was looking for a way to provide customers with AR experiences with less fuss than most current methods.”

    TechCrunch - February 19th, 2019

  • Movable Ink Debuts Augmented Reality Tool For Email, Web

    “Movable Ink is bringing augmented reality to email and other channels with a service that allows brands to create personalized browser-based AR experiences, the company announced on Tuesday. The AR solution has been integrated into the firm’s visual experience platform, is now available to clients.”

    MediaPost - February 19th, 2019

  • CrowdTwist Partners with Movable Ink to Improve Personalization

    “Movable Ink, a visual experience platform provider for digital marketers, has announced a partnership with CrowdTwist, a New York-based provider of omnichannel loyalty and engagement solutions. The goal of the partnership is to help brands elevate their loyalty programs with email campaigns featuring personalized, data-based visuals that are created at the moment of open.”

    Loyalty360 - February 18th, 2019

  • How Virgin Holidays used augmented reality to bolster email engagement

    “Augmented reality (AR) is increasingly being used by Virgin Holidays to breathe new life into its email marketing campaign efforts and deliver dynamic, personalised and engaging content to future travellers. Virgin Holidays CRM executive, Liam Savage, told CMO the UK-based holiday retailer had been looking for ways to humanise digital campaigns and lift brand engagement with customers in the inspiration and pre-departure phases of travel.”

    CMO - February 7th, 2019

  • Uniting Data & Creative to Bring Personalization Into the Visual Era

    “Marketers now have a lot, even enough, data. We also have a lot of great content and visuals. Up until now, why have these two aspects of marketing existed in disparate realms? Why haven’t we completely and fully brought them together? In this week’s episode, Vivek Sharma, Founder & CEO of Movable Ink, discusses how the constant renewal and rethinking of how we use data to contextualize, target, and understand audience behavior can now enable us to create personalized, visual experiences on the fly.”

    Marketer+Machine Podcast - February 6th, 2019

  • Marketing To Gen Z: Death Of Brand Loyalty?

    “Characterized as disloyal to brands and highly individualistic, Gen Z is finally coming of age. This means more purchasing power is putting them on the radar of brands vying to lock them in as customers. ”

    MediaPost - February 5th, 2019

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