• Two-click email pay system set to go viral

    “That could significantly influence consumers, given that an estimated 4.7 billion email offers are delivered in the U.S. every day, and 70 percent of those are opened on mobile devices, according to data from industry consultants Movable Ink and Knotice.”

    Albuquerque Journal - August 25th, 2014

  • Movable Ink Joins Epsilon's Agile Email Movement

    “Epsilon, whose Agility Harmony solution provides email marketers with advanced segmentation and dynamic content options, announced it will partner with Movable Ink.”

    DM News - July 31st, 2014

  • The best US digital marketing statistics of the week

    “A mobile and email festival this week in the US, with stats on devices, retargeting, content consumption and even some TV thrown in.”

    Econsultancy - May 16th, 2014

  • Tablet Usage Is on a Serious Upswing

    “New research says that 18.5% of all marketing emails were opened on a tablet in Q1 2014. That's up more than 5% since just nine months ago.”

    DM News - May 12th, 2014

  • Mobile Devices Drive 66 Percent Of Email Opens — Report

    “According to Movable Ink’s Q1 2014 US Consumer Device Preference Report email opens continue to migrate away from the desktop, which now represents a minority of all email opens. In addition, the tablet share of email opens continues to grow.”

    MarketingLand - May 9th, 2014

  • Agile creative: the future of email?

    “Agile email creative means creating and curating email content not before send, or at send (with automated or dynamic content) but at the moment the customer opens or re-opens an email.”

    Econsultancy - May 6th, 2014

  • Are Your Click-to-Open Rates On The Decline?

    “According to the Movable Ink Q4 US Consumer Device Preference report, 65% of email was opened either on a smartphone or tablet. (A trend that continues to climb.) However, many brands are not seeing a proportionate increase in click-through activity on those devices. This is largely because the email experience is not optimal for the devices. ”

    MediaPost - April 23rd, 2014

  • 6 Mobile Marketing Must-Have's

    “As mobile technology and communication continues to mature, marketers sometimes struggle to keep pace with today's savvy, agile consumer... If the ever-increasing email open rates on mobile are any indication, there's never been a more critical time to optimize mobile marketing efforts.”

    DM News - April 21st, 2014

  • Mobile Users Are Fascinated By Offers: 50% Open Promotional E-Mails!

    “Apple users are more attracted towards promotional e-mails than Android users in the United states... Movable ink evaluated customer interaction with brand e-mails, by observing the type of device used to view e-mails, the time spent in reading them and device popularity by state.”

    DazeInfo - April 16th, 2014

  • Re-energising your inbox

    “Movable Ink, based in New York, are single handedly offering the tools to break the constraints of the current email marketing landscape and are giving marketers the ability to offer, dynamic, modern and engaging content right into the consumers’ inbox.”

    JB Blog - April 9th, 2014

  • Email Marketing in the Age of Gmail: How to Make It Work

    “Movable Ink recently released its agileEMAIL service, which aims to boost open rates on grid view.”

    BusinessNewsDaily - April 8th, 2014

  • Optimization Solutions for Gmail's Grid View

    “If the President's team doesn't know how to optimize emails for Gmail's new grid view, what chance do the rest of us have? A pretty good one, thanks to a new options from Movable Ink. ”

    Website Magazine - April 7th, 2014

  • Email Design and Platform Trends

    “Other popular active features include responsive mobile design (33% have used), Movable Ink (27%), video (26%), and horizontal or multi-directional scroll (26%).”

    MarketingProfs - March 24th, 2014

  • Movable Ink Launches agileEMAIL, A Platform For Email Marketing

    “Movable Ink has been trying to improve marketing emails with real-time content, and now it’s launching a broader platform called agileEMAIL.”

    TechCrunch - March 10th, 2014

  • Mark his words -- predictions in mobile technology

    “'Texas tops the leaderboard when it comes to email opens on a smartphone,' said Movable Ink's CEO Vivek Sharma. ”

    Houston Business Journal - February 12th, 2014

  • These Are The 10 Coolest New York Enterprise Startups Right Now

    “Movable Ink helps companies send emails to customers based on all kinds of really specific things: location, time, device.”

    Business Insider - February 6th, 2014

  • Which Devices Are B2C Marketing Emails Opened On?

    “Nearly two-thirds (65%) of B2C marketing emails were opened on either a smartphone or a tablet in 4Q13, up from 61% in 3Q13, according to recent data from Movable Ink.”

    Marketing Profs - February 4th, 2014

  • Nearly 65% of e-mails in the U.S. are opened on mobile devices

    “'Now, more than ever, mobile optimization is critical for e-mail marketers,' says Vivek Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Movable Ink. 'Ensuring every message renders properly and is designed with mobile in mind is just the first step.'”

    Internet Retailer - January 23rd, 2014

  • Report: Marketing Emails Opened On Mobile Devices Jumped 61% To 65% In Q4 2013

    “When looking at marketing emails open rates across the US, Movable Ink tracked a steady decline in desktop use, with six states reporting heavy desktop use during the second quarter of 2013 to no states showing heavy desktop use by the fourth quarter of the year.”

    Marketing Land - January 23rd, 2014

  • 65% of all email gets opened first on a mobile device — and that’s great news for marketers

    “According to data from the US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 from Movable Ink, way more than half of all email — a full 65 percent — is now being accessed via mobile devices in the U.S.”

    VentureBeat - January 22nd, 2014

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