Virgin Holidays

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With over 200 communication types and 22 million email sends annually, Virgin Holidays was looking for a way to supercharge their email marketing quickly, without having to make any infrastructure changes — and they turned to Movable Ink and Phrasee to help make that happen.


Virgin Holidays uses Movable Ink to leverage real-time data in all communication types – including transactional emails and booking confirmations. They elevated their email experiences with content that was personalized at the moment of open using CRM data and API feeds coupled with holiday deals to create a sense of urgency.


  • 65% lift in awareness through email
  • 31% increase in website traffic
  • 24% lift in total margin
Our most successful emails with intelligent creative perform 50-100% better in terms of engagement.

Saul Lopes, Strategic Insights and Loyalty Manager, Virgin Holidays


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