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Jetstar aimed to improve the customer’s travel experience and in turn, increase revenue by offering the choice of adding optional product inclusions to their booking such as seat selection or baggage. They wanted to create valuable experiences for their customers that increased email engagement and stood out in the inbox – ultimately, ensuring customers are prepared for their upcoming trip.


Jetstar used Movable Ink to pull live baggage options and pricing into their email to alert customers to add baggage, helping them feel more prepared for their trip. They creatively transformed live API data so customers could see which baggage option suited them best as well as all of their available options. Jetstar also featured real-time seat selection prices, including options to sit up front or book an extra legroom seat. Finally, Jetstar launched a campaign with the goal of inspiring their customers with showcased activities that they could enjoy at their destination. Using Movable Ink, Jetstar completely personalized the email based on where the customer was visiting, pulling in the top activities at the destination.


  • 30% lift in CTOR
  • 2017 Markie Award Winner
  • Significant lift in conversions and CTRs
The Movable Ink team we work with is responsive and equally as passionate as Jetstar when it comes to finding different ways to improve our customer journey experience.

Jane Yuen, Digital Marketing Manager, Jetstar


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