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Delta wanted to engage their SkyMiles Medallion® members with a year-in-review email that showcased their travel activity for the past year. But complex business logic and a myriad of personalized content – including multiple tiers and countless combinations of miles, rewards earned and more – stood in the way of a smooth campaign deployment.


Using Movable Ink’s platform, Delta was able to build a custom campaign that updated logic rules on the fly. This allowed the team to automatically pull each customer’s behavioral data from the SkyMiles Medallion program directly into the email. Every email was hyper-personalized, down to the smallest details. For example, customers could see if they sat in an aisle seat 26 times or took advantage of a VIP entrance 19 times.


  • 51% lift in open rates
  • 132% lift in CTR
  • Easy email workflow
Thanks to Movable Ink, we created an engaging campaign that celebrated our members’ travel accomplishments. The response on social with customers eager to share their personalized stories was incredible.

Kirsten Schlau, Digitas, Associate Director of Marketing Ops


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