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Lenovo consistently uses web crops from Movable Ink in their promotional emails to deliver up-to-the-minute product deals and make life easier for their email team - web crops increased their productivity by 50%! But they wanted to take their email content even further and create a hyper-personalized experience that spoke to each individual customer.


Lenovo leveraged Movable Ink’s behavioral retargeting capabilities. The team selected their top focal products through the Movable Ink platform and checked for a customer’s interest in them. If the customer had interest, they were targeted with a piece of content for that product. If a customer wasn’t interested in a specific product, they could check the category level for fallback content. If nothing was triggered, this section of the email would collapse. The Lenovo team used Oracle Marketing Cloud to implement the campaign for a smooth launch.


  • 17x higher CTR
  • 1:1 customer experiences
Movable Ink helped us create personalized email content that really resonated with our customers.

Ashley Morse, Email Developer, Lenovo

Lenovo behavioral

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