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Excentus wanted to improve subscriber engagement, facilitate more immediate and sustained reward program participation, and use dynamic and personalized content to improve email performance.


With Movable Ink, Excentus can localize and personalize message content for every member when they open an email instead of trying to do it before we send. They can show nearby locations where members can earn rewards and alter the message content and calls to action based on the device they used and rewards available to them.


  • 94% increase in Fuel Rewards earned
  • 24% increase in click-through rates
  • 21% increase in high-value traffic
We partnered with Movable Ink to make email more valuable to our members, to communicate more efficiently, more clearly, and in a more personalized fashion. I know that sounds generic but seriously that’s what intelligent creative is doing for us.

Coleman Easley, Email Marketing Manager, Excentus


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