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Steve Madden launched their new loyalty program, SM Pass, and wanted to create a unique experience for their customers by leveraging existing customer data points that they had on file. But the brand didn’t have the bandwidth to create all the unique content variations they would need to create individualized experiences. They also didn’t have all of the data points they needed available in their CRM system.


Using Movable Ink, Steve Madden was able to leverage customer loyalty data within their emails to deliver personalized customer stories that were highly visual and on-brand. They did this by using Movable Ink to pull in member names, the date someone became a member, current points balance, points needed until next reward, number of emails read, and number of purchases. Movable Ink calculated the number of points needed until the next reward, a data point that was not previously available. In conjunction, Steven Madden used Oracle Marketing Cloud to test and QA the content before deployment.


  • 1.6x higher engagement
  • 1.6x higher revenue
Thanks to Movable Ink, Steve Madden was able to bring together multiple data points from multiple systems to tell a personalized customer story with unique, on-brand visuals in a beautifully designed loyalty email.
Steve madden

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