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Creating unique and memorable experiences at scale isn’t easy – especially when you have millions of loyal customers. DSW wanted to create a hyper-personalized campaign that would strengthen relationships with their most loyal rewards members.


Using Movable Ink’s image personalization, DSW created a 1:1 email experience that told each member’s unique story in a highly visual and on-brand way. The email showcases each member’s name, savings summary, number of store visits, online purchases, and total years of membership. DSW also leveraged Movable Ink to apply points-to-dollar conversions in the email. Creative included a spend tracker that visualized each customer’s progress towards premier shopper status, and encouraged them to make more purchases. Lastly, sourced content from DSW’s website showcases four pairs of shoes live on the DSW website based on the customer’s’ browsing and purchase history.


  • 13% lift in engagement
  • More than $100K revenue
DSW created an individualized and highly visual experience for their loyalty members with data visualization that drove engagement and revenue.

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