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Philosophy launched their first monthly recap email and needed a fun, visual way to show their customers their progress while encouraging them to earn more points. But creating personalized visuals would be a highly manual process, requiring more time and resources than they could spare.


Using Movable Ink along with CrowdTwist, Philosophy could automatically pull loyalty information ‒ like recent purchases and other interactions with the brand ‒ and use it to power a “Gratitude Meter” in the body of the email. Additionally, they pulled in the number of points needed to reach the next tier and other ways to earn points.


The result was a beautiful, personalized email that was unique for every Philosophy customer.

With the help of Movable Ink, we were able to power our monthly recap email and create a personalized experience for each customer based on activity. Moving forward, we can easily make updates and continue to leverage this campaign.

Tavishi Vohra, Email Marketing Manager, Philosophy


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