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Every day, HSN features one amazing deal – Today’s Special – throughout all of their channels. The HSN marketing team would send a daily email to drive awareness and sales, along with other deals and offers from their homepage. But the HSN team was producing and proofing two separate sets of assets – one for HSN.com and one for email – across multiple teams. Needless to say, their production process was tedious and time-consuming.


HSN used Movable Ink’s web-crop app to pull live content from their website directly into their emails. No matter what time a customer opened their Today’s Special email, they received the most up-to-the-minute deals and content with no extra work required by the HSN marketing team on the backend. With real-time content from HSN.com in their emails, HSN’s customers always have access to the most recent deals, making it easier for them to make a purchase.


  • 12% lift in top-line revenue
  • 31% lift in traffic
  • 11% lift in orders
Using real-time creative, we eliminated double work, maximized exposure, and gave the customer more of what they wanted. We enhanced the customer experience with real-time updates and additional content.

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