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Skin care company Dermalogica wanted to create a relevant experience that educated its customers on the importance of sunscreen in any weather. The challenge? They had to find a way to properly message each customer based on their local weather and also encourage engagement during the Fourth of July weekend, when many people are on vacation, at barbeques, and away from their computers.


Dermalogica used Movable Ink’s geo-targeting and weather forecast apps to add real-time weather and custom messages based on location at the moment of engagement. And, by making the email mobile responsive, they were able to capture their customers’ attention and provide a relevant experience, no matter where or when they they opened the message.


  • 9.34% conversion rate
  • The campaign was one of the brand’s top-performing campaigns
Real-time weather and mobile responsive images provided a visually engaging experience that educated users about the need for UV protection while also driving conversions.

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