Weekend Reading: Google’s Mobile-Acalypse, Email Marketing in the UK, Cross-Channel Marketing in 2015

Happy Friday!

This week, we’ve been talking a lot about responsive email design and showing examples of travel and hospitality emails that are using different elements of dynamic, contextual content.

Meanwhile, there’s been a renewed focus on responsive design in general. Google’s mobile algorithm update on April 21 is set to cause something of an SEO apocalypse among websites that aren’t mobile-optimized. Econsultancy recently released an exhaustive report on UK email use and Experian broke down the challenges and opportunities in the digital marketing landscape this year.

Here are those three stories for some light weekend reading:

1. A Q&A About Google’s Mobile Algorithm

Constant Contact recently held a Q&A with Peter Hughes, senior manager of search marketing. Hughes discussed how Google is going to consider “mobile-friendly”, the impacts of the changes in general, and offered advice for any businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly websites.

2. 1,000 Email Marketers, 88 Pages 

Econsultancy released a new report, the ninth annual Email Marketing Industry Census, that dives deep into what UK email marketers are doing with email marketing today – from budgeting and best practices to upcoming trends in the email space.

3. Silos, Channels, Bridges

Experian recently released <a “””””href=”http://www.experian.com/assets/marketing-services/p/2015-digital-marketer-report.pdf?SP_MID=2916&SP_RID=811408&elq=c531314241a548f68cc2c8e3bb362dd7&elqCampaignId=1780&elqaid=2916&elqat=1&elqTrackId””””” =1ea06deb9d27443185d01dd2dccb2385″>The 2015 Digital Marketer report, which dove deep into the issues facing marketing organizations today.

The biggest takeaway? Cross-channel coordination is still difficult and siloes have hampered the true potential of customer data.

The top three challenges cited by marketers in the report were poor data quality, siloed departments, and the inability to link different technologies.

An Omnichannel Experience, from Every Channel 

What we’ve recently been seeing seems to indicate that marketers are getting increasingly frustrated with the traditional way things are organized internally. As there are more demands for clean, consolidated data, internal structures are getting in the way.

It’ll be interesting to see just how companies go about creating one central customer experience from a diverse array of systems and channels – and we feel that email marketing that can match a customer’s context at every touchpoint is going to be at the core of those efforts.

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