Webinar Replay: Getting Mobile Consumers to Bite with Apple Pay

Webinar Replay - Getting Mobile Consumers To Bite With Apple PayApple Pay™ launched on October 20th; which is exciting for marketers!  Why?  Apple Pay™ is going to put an even bigger emphasis on the importance of mobile as consumers can complete purchases by simply scanning their finger on their iPhone (6 or 6 Plus) or iPad (Air 2 or Mini 3).  It’s being championed as the solution that will start the consumer shift to mobile payments. But what does that mean for you and your email program?

With the launch of Apple Pay™, have you wondered:

1. How can I use email to now drive even more mobile sales?
2. How can I target mobile consumers by their device and location to drive Apple Pay users into stores?
3. How exactly does Apple Pay work – I want to see this 2 click conversion!

Lucky for you, we’ve answered those questions in our webinar already.  A replay of “Getting Mobile Consumers to Bite with Apple Pay” is available for you to watch here.

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