[Webinar] How to Scale Your Creativity and Send Hyper-Personalized Emails

As marketers, we all know the power of personalization. And we want to do more.

In a Forrester survey, 68% of firms said that delivering personalized experiences is a priority.

That stat shouldn’t surprise any of us. When you think about the experience of personalization, it’s easy to see why we’re so crazy about it.

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Handwritten letters are a rarity these days. When we receive one, we feel special. Hey, we’d all handwrite letters if we had the time and resources. There’s nothing better than feeling like
you’re listened to and cared for.

That’s the true power of 1:1 personalization, and that’s why so many marketers want to deliver that experience to their customers.

But the world is changing. Consumers are empowered with always-on devices. Competition moves at lightening speed. Entire markets are disrupted in the blink of an eye.

1:1 is no longer enough. We have to speak to customers in the moment, too. Every brand needs to speak to every customer in the right moment. These are the brand experiences that your customers have come to expect.

But here’s the thing: creating 1:1 brand experiences is difficult. And creating 1:1 experiences for every customer in exactly the right moment? It’s nearly impossible. No matter which strategy you employ – segmentations, lifecycle programs, retargeting, triggers – you never have enough content to fill all the possibilities. Infinite content: that’s a tall order for any marketer!

So, how can you pursue customer-centric marketing while gaining efficiency and agility in an increasingly competitive marketing landscape?

Movable Ink’s Creative Variations Solution is intelligent content that enables marketers to create the perfect experience for every customer by blending the right email creative with the right data.

In our upcoming webinar, How to Scale Your Creativity and Send Hyper-Personalized Emails, we’ll give you a sneak peek of the Creative Variations Solution and show you how any marketer can use it to achieve true, 1:1 email marketing personalization.

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