Webinar: How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

There are no silver bullets in marketing, but loyalty programs come pretty darn close. Marketers love them for their awesome ability to retain and grow their customer base. Customers love them because of the hyper-personalized treatment and rewards they receive.

According to PYMNTS.com, spending on loyalty programs by U.S. companies in recent years has crossed the $2 billion dollar mark. It’s a wise investment for sure: with the right strategy, value construct and execution, loyalty programs boost both the lifetime value of your customers and Net Promoter Score.

But many marketers have a critical blind spot in their loyalty program: email marketing. When done correctly, email marketing is a factor for boosting performance, allowing you to get more out of your loyalty program. Without it, you’re simply leaving money on the table.

Join us on Thursday, March 16 for our upcoming webinar, How to Build Better Loyalty Emails. We teamed up with Olson 1to1 to bring you proven contextual marketing tactics that leading brands are using to drive engagement. You’ll see read-life examples of year-in-review emails that leverage customer data, rewards points emails with live account information and more.

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