[Video] Maximize Your Welcome Series in 2018

Your welcome series sets the stage for your customer’s relationship with your brand. That’s why it’s crucial to get it right.

It helps you build trust, long-term customers, and eventually even brand advocates. If you haven’t reviewed your welcome series in a while, we have some inspiration to get you started.

We teamed up with Bronto in our recent webinar, Maximize Your Welcome Series in 2018 to bring you our top tips for planning and optimizing every email in your welcome series.

You’ll learn how to structure your series by getting the right content to the right people. We even discussed how to use intelligent content to gather data on your new subscribers and wow them with moment-of-open promotions and behavioral content that speaks to each individual. You’ll get inspiration from successful welcome series from leading brands.

Watch the full video now!

Maximize Your Welcome Series 2018 from Movable Ink on Vimeo.