[Video] How to Automate Your Content Sourcing and Create Incredible Campaigns

Pulling together your best content and data to meet your customers’ needs is no easy task – especially when it comes to activating it and reformatting it for your emails. 

Many marketers have a goldmine of existing content. It lives in their blog, in the product descriptions on their website, in their CSV files, or any number of places. The problem is that when content is scattered throughout an organization, marketers can’t leverage it to its full potential.

And then there’s partner content: there are so many opportunities for marketers to tap into complimentary partner content, whether it’s on review websites, third-party blogs, and more. The problem is, once again, leveraging all of this great content in your email campaigns has never been easy.

Transforming any content into email content is no small task, especially with unforgiving environment of your customer’s inbox. If one link is broken, you risk losing a loyal customer.

That’s why it’s so important to have a cohesive strategy that links all of your content and data sources together and allows you to leverage them in your emails.

Sound too good to be true? In our recent webinar, we did a live demo where we showed how to build a highly personalized email with our intelligent content platform. We also provided plenty of email inspiration to show you how leading brands are getting more out of their existing content with Movable Ink.

Watch the webinar recording below.

How to Automate Your Content Sourcing and Create Incredible Campaigns from Movable Ink on Vimeo.