[Video] How Movable Ink Helps HotelTonight Create Amazing Travel Experiences

HotelTonight is big on creating exceptional experiences for their customers – and those experiences include best-in-class emails. That’s why they partnered with Movable Ink to create personalized, real-time campaigns. 

Check out our video interview with Katie White from HotelTonight and find out why she considers Movable Ink to be an extension of her own team.

Movable Ink & HotelTonight from Movable Ink on Vimeo.

Here’s the full transcription of our interview with Katie White from HotelTonight.

“In looking for a vendor to help support in agile marketing functionality, we were looking for a team. We wanted to make sure the the people we chose were an extension of our team and a partner. We’ve absolutely found that with Movable Ink. They are an extension of us. They are in the weeds with us. They ideate with us. When it’s actually time to distribute, they’re there along the way with us, QAing and making sure everything goes perfectly.

We now come from a place of ‘yes.’ I know that no matter what kind of crazy idea I have, I know there’s a Movable Ink functionality and support from the team to make it a reality.

Some of the key successes that we’ve seen using Movable Ink include live inventory which has reshaped our email program and increased revenue for the channel upwards of 20% which has been fantastic.

The campaign that has been the biggest revenue driver using Movable Ink technology has been our abandoned cart campaign. Before we even used Movable Ink it was our biggest revenue generator and since we have incorporated real-time, personalized live inventory, we’ve been able to increase conversion by 30%. In addition to increasing conversions, we’ve seen an increase in basket size by $10, which may seem small but it’s providing a real business impact for us.

What has made me happy about our time with Movable is our time with the team. They’re an extension of us. They’re in the weeds with us. They make sure that everything we do is as close to perfection as possible. I would absolutely recommend Movable Ink to other companies.

They allow you to scale beyond what you ever imagined. Being able to provide your customer base with highly relevant, personalized content makes them a lot more engaged and a lot easier to come back to you. It’s a lot easier to retain an existing customer than it is to go out and get another one.”