[Video] How Movable Ink Helps Comcast Create Relevant, Real-Time Experiences

Comcast wanted to better serve their customers with real-time information and become more agile so they could get more campaigns out the door faster. Find out how they did it in our video interview with Joshua Mann from Comcast below.

Movable Ink & Comcast from Movable Ink on Vimeo.

“The thing that stands out to me about Movable Ink is the ability to use our data – connecting through APIs, bringing in real-time information like the weather or information from our website using webcrops. We’ve been able to use our What to Watch newsletter to serve information that is much more relevant to our customers. They can see what’s trending in their area and what we recommend they watch at that moment.

I’d say regularly, we see anywhere from 10-30% increases in click-through rates. Internally, for ourselves, we’ve become a lot more effective. We’ve seen a 30-35% increase in the number of campaigns we can get out the door with the flexibility of the platform and the great results that the team has provided to us.

The Olympics happened last year, and we were able to see some phenomenal results [with our Olympics email campaign]. We were able to send emails out and in real-time show updates around medal counts. We were able to show the number of medals that their team – whichever one they were following – had at that moment.

The thing that surprises me about the Movable team is the number of ideas, the uniqueness of ideas, that they bring to the table. They really help us challenge ourselves, they help us understand what we could be doing better. Working with the team, it’s a continuous surprise, because they keep us on our toes and help us get better every day.

I would definitely recommend Movable Ink to other companies. They are an extension of our team. That’s the way we like to work together. Any partner I can speak about in that light is somebody I’d recommend.”

– Joshua Mann, Comcast