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9 Habits of Successful Email Marketers

In 1989, Stephen Covey created a sensation with the publication of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – a bestseller that sold 25 million copies. The principles he espoused nearly 30 years ago continue to guide millions of people worldwide. Continue reading

3 Ways to Spruce Up Emails With Compelling Imagery

The following guest post was written by Stephanie Wharton, Content Strategist at Curalate. Curalate is the leading visual commerce platform used by hundreds of the world’s most loved brands. Curalate solutions touch millions of consumers daily by enabling brands to unlock the power of pictures.

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Day 3 at #CNX15: OK, So You Know Your Customer. But Now What?

 Here’s the thing about customer success, customer experience, and the customer journey: once you say it enough times, it doesn’t mean anything.

At Salesforce Connections 2015, the phrase “customer success” was repeated so often that there was a real risk the phrase became more punctuation than anything else. While the keynote from Salesforce President Keith Block offered intense, space-themed videos beckoning marketers to rethink everything – especially the customer journey – the one piece I thought was missing was the next step.

Let’s say you know exactly who your customer is. You know what they tweet, the kinds of content they like, their product history, and what might prompt them to take action.

But now what? If you don’t come up with extremely compelling content that leads to a great customer experience, all that data is just going to help you create personalized messaging that still gets deleted.

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