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The Inkredible 5: Weight Watchers UK

How do you make sure each of your members feels special? Weight Watchers UK wanted a scalable way to make sure each new member felt connected and engaged. A limited-time offer was the way to go, but it needed feel exclusive and personal to each and every recipient. Continue reading

The Inkredible 5: Philosophy

How do you encourage your audience to participate? Philosophy was wrapping up the first of their brand new loyalty program and wanted to make sure their subscribers were participating and ready to earn some points. But the design-savvy brand wanted something much more engaging and personalized than an ordinary recap email. Continue reading

The Inkredible 5: Strava

How do you create a recap email your audience actually wants to share? Strava’s audience of athletes looks forward to their monthly activity recap, but wasn’t having an easy time sharing those bragging rights online. They decided to go visual, using Movable Ink and their data to create personalized and shareable images for each athlete. Continue reading

[Lookbook] The Summer Inkredible 5

Summer is nearly over, and you know what that means: the busy holiday season is almost here. Many email marketers will be on the hunt for fresh new ways to engage their customers in their upcoming campaigns for the fall season, holiday season, and beyond. Continue reading

[Lookbook] Spring Inkredible 5

Now that spring is (finally!) in the air, what better time to refresh your email campaigns? By using email content that changes at the moment of open, you not only have the opportunity to wow your customers, you can meet their biggest needs with email content that speaks to each and every one of them. Continue reading