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5 GDPR Emails We Love

5 GDPR Emails We Love

We’ve all had standard issue GDPR compliance emails flooding our inboxes. You know the type: a few paragraphs copy and pasted directly from a legal department, without a trace of a brand voice or personality. They basically serve as a reminder of the random newsletters and services we forgot we ever signed up for. When companies consider these emails as housekeeping they’re missing out on a great opportunity. Continue reading

GDPR Is the best thing to happen to personalization

GDPR is the Best Thing to Happen to Personalization

So, you made sure your company is GDPR compliant. Now what? Don’t let the companies that are dragging their feet scare you, because GDPR isn’t the end of the world as we know it. It’s actually a golden opportunity to revamp your personalization and make it better than ever. Continue reading