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A Sneak Peek of Verizon at Think Summit

Our team sat down with Michael Habib, Digital Channel Manager at Verizon, to learn his best marketing tips and talk to #emailgeeks across the Twitterverse. It turns out our followers had a lot of great advice to share, and we even got a preview of Michael’s Think Summit keynote. Continue reading

Gamification: Fun for Consumers, Strategic for Marketers

Gamification is just what it sounds like – the process of implementing a game dynamic in an area that normally wouldn’t include it – with the goal of engaging your users. Gamification has been part of email marketing since someone decided to include a quiz in a message or invited subscribers to participate in a drawing for a prize – which means it’s been around a very long time. But it’s still going strong. Continue reading

5 Pride Emails That Are Worth Celebrating

We couldn’t stop at just one. With national Pride Month coming to an end, we’re looking back on some of our favorite emails. Since Pride is all about representation, it’s even more important to get your message and images just right; and these emails are some of the best and brightest we’ve seen so far. Continue reading