9 Examples of Awesome Responsive Emails

When marketers are creating responsive emails, they’re often occupied with how the email will look on different mobile devices. That’s an important part of creating an effective mobile email marketing strategy, but it’s not the only thing that companies need to think about.

The relationship customers have with their inboxes dramatically changes when they’re looking at emails on a phone. While responsive email design strategies can help make sure that your emails look as good as possible on mobile devices, they can’t do much to accommodate user behaviors.

That’s why email marketers need to fundamentally rethink how customers interact with emails.

Mobile devices have created a world where customers could be doing just about anything when they’re checking their emails – and anything that isn’t relevant is going to get deleted.

Recently, we had a webinar about building effective mobile email marketing campaigns that discussed this trend in detail. We talked about how nine different brands created responsive emails that focused on responding to what customers need, not just what devices need. 

Responsive Email StrategyWant to learn more about responsive email design strategies and why context is critical? Watch our webcast and download our slides, “9 Ways You Can Build Effective Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns” to learn nine different ways brands are using responsive email strategies today.