[eBook] Re: New Responsive Email Strategies

It’s Spring! The sun is starting to shine and flowers are starting to bloom. But in a lot of ways, email marketing strategies are still in the same old rut as before. Emails are effective, but few brands are trying anything new with them.

This Spring is the perfect time to change all of that. First, email marketers should think about how to renew their responsive email strategies.

According to Pew’s research around mobile device and behavior, phones have become tools for everything from public transit to banking and job searches. So for marketers that means when you’re creating anything digital, it’s no longer an option to ignore responsive design.

This also has big implications for a customer’s relationship with a brand’s  responsive emails. When customers are using their mobile devices for so many different things, how can your emails fit to suit their current needs?

In our eBook, we cover how brands can start to do that.

eBook_ReNewResponsive_mockupDownload Re:New Responsive Email Strategies and you’ll learn:

– How customers are using mobile devices today

– How marketers need to think of “responsive” in a mobile-first world

– Five different ways you can create next-generation responsive emails