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Putting Power Back in the Marketer’s Hands with Hotter Shoes’ Victoria Betts

Victoria Betts, Chief Commercial Officer at Hotter Shoes, joined Becki Francis to lift the veil on her team’s omnichannel initiatives and shares ways she is transforming eCommerce strategy to meet the expectations of a new generation of shoppers.
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In this episode of Ink Tank, Victoria Betts, Chief Commercial Officer of Hotter Shoes, the U.K.’s largest footwear manufacturer, dives deep into the brand’s omnichannel marketing initiatives. She also speaks to how her team is enhancing customer experiences and blurring the line between online and in-store retail experiences. 

In conversation with Movable Ink’s Becki Francis, Victoria shares how she’s fostered a rewarding career and spearheaded digital and global expansion for brands such as Missguided and The Very Group. The two discuss how Victoria’s is using her expertise to lead change at Hotter Shoes and bringing a theatrical element to in-store shopping through immersive mobile and augmented reality experiences. They also discuss the role technology plays in a customer’s journey and how creating 1:1 communications helped boost acquisition for a new generation of Hotter Shoes’ customers. 

Victoria’s advice for how marketers should view the mobile channel:

“90% of all of our emails are opened on a smartphone device. So, you’ve got to capture their hearts and minds at that point knowing that you’re in a competing environment. She’s likely to be traveling on the bus, watching something on TV, and may even have multiple screens open. It’s about making sure in that very quick moment you have something relevant for your consumer.”

Watch Victoria’s full episode here or stream the episode on your preferred podcast platform.

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