Partnership Spotlight: OneSignal

We are excited to announce that Movable Ink now integrates with OneSignal, the global market-leading push notification & in-app software provider.

With Movable Ink and OneSignal, marketers can personalize OneSignal campaigns using real-time content from Movable Ink with no development work needed. Seamlessly integrate personalized creative into your rich push, in-app, and app inbox mobile marketing programs and ensure customers have a consistent cross-channel experience.

“Creating consistent, cross-channel experiences for your customers is more important than ever before, but creating those experiences can be challenging,” said Lalit Chopra, SVP Product at Movable Ink. “We’re thrilled to partner with OneSignal to help digital marketers easily integrate real-time, personalized creative into their rich push, in-app, and app inbox mobile marketing – all with no additional development work needed.”

How we work together:

When connecting Movable Ink to OneSignal, you’ll gain access to Movable Ink’s dynamic visual experience platform. This allows you to: 

  • Integrate Movable Ink creative output into OneSignal with our pre-built solution
  • Automate content production with reusable content apps that connect to any data source
  • Layer in real-time contextual cues such as location and weather, customer data, live inventory, and more

To learn more about our partner integration with OneSignal, visit the Exchange.