Partner Spotlight: Wunderkind

Behavior-based campaigns are powerful for creating 1:1 experiences and driving measurable results. 

With Movable Ink and Wunderkind (formerly BounceX), marketers can create behavior-based campaigns including localized products and inventory, real-time pricing, real-time loyalty data, and time-targeted banners for special events in any triggered message.

Clarins, a luxury skincare and cosmetics leader in the UK, partnered with Wunderkind and Movable Ink in their email campaigns to create 1:1 experiences based on their customers’ website behavior.

Using Wunderkind and Movable Ink, they added a dynamic offer banner that included a customer’s category abandonment, product abandonment, or cart abandonment, and tested the banner against a control group without a banner. 

Clarins found that, across all series, the emails with a dynamic banner powered by Wunderkind and Movable Ink saw increased engagement, with click-to-open rates up to 15%+ higher than the control group. For higher intent shoppers, Clarins saw a higher conversion rate in Wunderkind abandoned cart email series when Movable Ink content was incorporated. 

To learn more about Movable Ink’s partner integration with Wunderkind, visit the Exchange.