Partner Spotlight: Localytics

Here at Movable Ink, we invest in a world-class partnership program to help our clients make the most of their martech stacks. That’s why we’re proud to showcase our partnership with Localytics.

Localytics is also sponsoring this year’s Think Summit. Stop by their booth to learn more about our partnership in person!

About our partnership with Localytics

Localytics gives brands the data, intelligence, and marketing channels to deliver exactly what their customers are passionate about, and integrate those insights and experiences across other channels to deliver a digital customer experience that resonates.

Together, Movable Ink and Localytics make it easy for marketers to engage their mobile app customers in the email channel. Now, marketers can generate intelligent creative based on their customer’s mobile app data, enabling them to serve a more consistent and personalized experience across channels.

Check out our one-pager to learn more about our partnership.