4 Coronavirus Response Emails That Put the Customer First

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread globally, several brands are showing that effective critical communications start at the top. Regardless of vertical, senior leaders are using email marketing as a means to share news about COVID-19, what they are doing to help, and also what consumers can do to stay safe and help others. These top-of-mind emails are the first step in a cohesive communications strategy.

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5 Critical Communications Lessons Marketers Can Learn from the Coronavirus

No one wants to be the downer who fears the sky will fall at any moment, but recent events have proven that organizations have to be prepared for emergencies at any point. Coronavirus has understandably caught companies across all industries and geographies by surprise, and communications leaders around the world are rushing to respond.

Developing a plan for your critical communications is just as important as creating your ongoing marketing calendar. But what do you do when you have to take unprecedented actions in what seems like a moment’s notice?

Don’t fret! Here are some guidelines for communicating with customers during these unexpected moments:

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Meet the Women of Movable Ink: Liz Tashik

At Movable Ink, we commit to building a culture of inclusivity and broadening ourselves as we learn from one another. We have multiple employee resource groups that are integral parts of our company culture, including Movable Pink, our employee resource group that provides women, non-binary folks, and allies of Movable Ink with a community for camaraderie, empowerment, and a resource for personal and professional growth.

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Movable Ink is a Finalist for Oracle’s Markie Award

At Movable Ink, we pride ourselves on offering our clients world-class strategies and support to help them drive meaningful results, reach their business goals, and elevate their user experiences. Partner integrations are an integral component of countless marketing campaigns that drive results, and our 80 shared clients with Oracle can attest to that.

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Sustainability Marketing: 4 Ways to Resonate With Conscious Consumers

Climate change is a pressing topic these days, keeping sustainability top of mind for consumers and marketers alike. And for many brands, sustainability marketing is no longer a suggestion. It’s a necessity when looking to foster loyalty with today’s consumers. Brands that tap into sustainable practices are gaining market share, while those that are disregarding the topic are being left behind.

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Meet An Innovative Partner: Mada Seghete from Branch

We take great pride in our partnerships here at Movable Ink, so we’re taking the time to introduce you to the innovative partners who help elevate the campaigns of our shared clients. We spoke with Mada Seghete, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy and Market Development at Branch to learn how marketers can stay innovative.

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