Ink5_ NBA

The Inkredible 5: NBA

How do you keep your audience up to date when your lineup changes every day? The NBA wanted to make sure their subscribers knew exactly when to tune in and show up to support their favorite teams. But with over 50 games scheduled per week, it was challenging to personalize every email at scale. Normally this would mean a lot of grunt work for an unlucky marketer, but the NBA knew there had to be a better way. Continue reading

3 Back-To-School Campaigns

3 Back-to-School Campaigns That Work

Kids are beginning to realize that the freedom they’ve enjoyed for two months or so is near an end. At the same time, parents are eagerly anticipating asking those same kids if they’ve packed their lunches, instead of constantly telling them to “get off that screen.”

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A Sneak Peek of Verizon at Think Summit

Our team sat down with Michael Habib, Digital Channel Manager at Verizon, to learn his best marketing tips and talk to #emailgeeks across the Twitterverse. It turns out our followers had a lot of great advice to share, and we even got a preview of Michael’s Think Summit keynote. Continue reading