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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

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In 2016, we learned a lot about how people consumed content. With more marketers getting email-savvy and embracing advanced technology, basic content topics simply wouldn’t do.

As 2016 progressed, it became clear that marketers craved actionable, next-level content that explained how to execute specific concepts. They needed to be ahead of trends and they had to anticipate their customer’s needs in order to reach their marketing goals.

That’s why we’re not surprised that many of our top blog posts of 2016 are deep dives into email content and contextual tactics that have moved the needle for countless brands.

Bookmark these posts as you refine your email campaigns in 2017.

Our Top 10 Highest-Trafficked Blog Posts in 2016

1. Email Marketing Personalization 101

This 101-style post is anything but basic. It covers a variety of personalization tactics, including advanced personalization that brands like Spotify have used to create award-winning campaigns. Personalization will continue to be huge in 2017. If you haven’t already, take this opportunity to read up on how you add personalization to your existing campaigns.

2. What iOS 10 Means for Email Marketers (And What You Can Do)

The iOS 10 update was big news for email marketers, so it’s no surprise that it’s in the #2 spot. In the post, we review each update that directly impacts email marketers and the steps they can take to optimize their campaigns in light of the changes.

3. Infographic: Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Kickoff

For many marketers, holiday email campaign planning happens during the summer or even earlier – that’s why we kick off our holiday content in July. Our infographic was designed to help people visualize holiday trends and create a holiday email plan that would meet their customers’ needs.

4. 5 Email Subject Lines to Avoid (Plus 1 Big Way to Boost Open Rates)

Email subject lines are always a hot topic, as marketers are constantly trying to optimize them. In this post, we showed the results our of poll asking people about their biggest subject line pet peeves, plus which tactic actually gets them to open an email.

5. Email Marketing 101: How to Craft Effective Calls to Action

Your CTA can make or break your email campaign. With so many ways to approach them, we realized it was time for a deep dive on the subject. We not only listed all the attributes of an effective CTA, we also covered how to design one that won’t go unnoticed.

6. Video in Email Marketing: 3 Ways to Add Video to Your Emails

Thanks to the support of HTML 5, video in email is now a reality. We wanted to provide some guidance and use cases for video, so in this post we covered three highly-effective ways to use video in your emails that can boost engagement and overall results.

7. Movable Ink’s Timeline of Contextual Marketing

We were super excited to exceed 200 billion live content impressions this past Cyber Week. To celebrate, we created a timeline to showcase  a few of our favorite client email campaigns throughout the years.

8. 5 Email Automation Best Practices

Email automation is an increasingly popular topic, and yet it seems like few brands have truly mastered it. In this post, we looked at five areas that any marketer can improve when it comes to email marketing automation.

9. Infographic: 5 Last Minute Holiday Quick Wins

In, 2016 lots of folks were running last-minute email campaigns, or simply making tweaks on the fly. This infographic will show you five last-minute contextual tactics you can use to optimize any existing campaign.

10. How to Use Storytelling to Write Better Emails

Email content should always be the focus of your campaign. Read this blog post if you’re looking to hone your content skills or if you just want to learn how to tell your customers’ unique story in your emails.

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