New feature: Dynamic linking

You’ve been adding live content to your emails. You may be using Web Crop App to capture live content from a dynamic web page. You generally set up a default landing page URL. Imagine you are cropping a page that has three trending products that are changing throughout the day based on inventory levels. The current version of Web Crop puts you on the same landing page (e.g “”) every time the link is clicked.

Your content is changing dynamically. Why can’t we make the target link equally dynamic?  You can with a little known feature!  Within your dynamic page simply set an “id” tag to “mi_dynamic_link” for the links you want to change. Here’s an example:

<a href="" id="mi_dynamic_link">3 Hottest Products at 10:00 am!</a>

The id tag tells Web Crop that we should pick up the latest link in the “href” section and associate it with the dynamic image that has been rendered. With this in place every time we capture new web content we’ll make sure to deep link it to the appropriate product page on your website. Check it out below!  (reload this email to see the product and the link change dynamically)

Display images to show real-time content