Movable Ink’s EMEA Partner Summer

Our team wanted to help our EMEA partners get to know Movable Ink. So, we decided to share some summer fun with our partner summer campaign. #MIPartnerSummer was a hit, with over 100 participants and plenty of fun moments along the way. Here are some of the highlights:

Individual Awards

Friend of the Field Award – Anup Khera from Cheetah Digital

This is an award our team uses to recognize Inkers who support our sales team throughout the year, and Anup is the first non-Inker to win the title!

Above and Beyond Award –  Jess Evans from Phrasee

Jess Evans went above and beyond, creating the most viewed and liked piece of social content for this campaign. We expect no less from a former-Inker!

Team Captain Award – Matt McClelland from dotdigital


Matt single-handedly made it his mission to win as many elements of this campaign as possible. He may have encouraged, cajoled, bribed or demanded (who knows which!) his team into participating in multiple elements of the campaign.

Social Influencer Award – Alison Lyne from Persado

Alison is extremely consistent at creating buzz by sharing co-branded content and encourages her team to do the same.

Team Awards

Quizmasters – dotdigital

We kicked the summer off with a quiz, and there was stiff competition between two companies. In the end, dotdigital had 23 people earn a 100%, proving that there could only be one quizmaster!

Social Stars – Persado

Our social stars of the summer got on board with the social part of this campaign, sharing our co-marketing content across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while getting involved in our “Beat the Heat Challenge”.

Top of the Opps – Cheetah Digital and dotdigital


Why keep a good thing to yourself? When it came to introducing our team to new contacts, Cheetah Digital and dotdigital came through.

EMEA Partner of the Year – dotdigital


This is the big one! There really was one stand out partner who embraced the challenge and all parts of the campaign. With one of the biggest teams registered, the highest quiz scores, and numerous recommendations, we are delighted to announce dotdigital as our EMEA partner of the year!

Thanks to each and every partner who has taken part in the summer campaign. We value all of your support and we hope we can continue to do great things together in the future.