Movable Ink Stands for Equal Pay

Here at Movable Ink, we’re committed to creating amazing experiences – for our clients, for their clients, and of course, for the entire Movable Ink team.

We want to help make the world a better place in any small way that we can. That’s why we are committed to doing our part to close the gender pay gap, and have pledged our commitment to equal pay for equal work and experience on Glassdoor.

Why is this so important?

In the U.S., women earn about 76 cents per dollar earned by men on average, but the causes of the gender pay gap are a bit more complicated.

Pay equality is an important issue for all of us, and by taking the pay equality pledge, we are formally telling our employees, candidates and the world that we are committed to equitable pay practices. The more companies that stand up for equal pay, the closer we get to closing the pay gap and making salary equity a reality for all.

We have a lot of work to do before we reach Icelandic levels of gender equality, but a good start is reading up on the gender wage gap and speaking up about it whenever possible.

Today, on Equal Pay Day, April 4, we stand alongside more than 3,000 organizations that have taken the Equal Pay Pledge on Glassdoor. Join us in this important conversation and share that you #StandForEqualPay alongside us.