Movable Ink Powers Behavioral Event Personalization with Segment

The best recipes often start with the best ingredients. It’s why Movable Ink collaborates with marketing software brands such as Segment, the “market leading customer data platform (CDP) that helps (brands) collect, clean, and control (its) customer data.” 

Segment recently published a new “recipe” showing clients how to integrate Movable Ink into their CDP platform. The integration allows consumer brands to create visual, personalized content blocks for email and mobile campaigns based on behavioral events including product views, abandoned cart, purchase, and more.

These email and mobile blocks can be repurposed easily. For that reason, the partnership between Movable Ink and Segment reduces production time for busy marketers. Boxed, a big box retailer, cut 90% of their production time and no longer relied on engineering or lengthy back and forths with the design team to create every new email personalization block. That freed up time for marketers to create a more focused, creative strategy. 

For more information on Segment, visit their page on the Movable Ink Exchange today.