Movable Ink Moved! The Top 10 Things We Love About Our New Space

The Movable Ink team is starting the new year off fresh! This past week, we moved into our beautiful, brand new office at 636 Avenue of the Americas. We couldn’t be happier to call this space home, and we’re even more excited about the rapid growth of our company that required the move.

Movable Ink kicked off last year with a team of 17, and grew over 160% to finish out 2013 with a roster of 45 “Inkers.” If those numbers alone weren’t enough to suggest our need for a bigger space, this shot of our Director of Inside Sales, Cameron, taking a call in the printer room during the last day in our old office definitely drives the point home…

Movable Ink new office

We’re in love with our new office, and here are our top 10 reasons why:

1.    Conference rooms for everyone!
Cameron and the rest of the Inkers can now rejoice—with eight total conference rooms, taking calls in the printer room is a thing of the past.

Movable Ink new office conference room

2.    So many new ways to work.
Working on your posture? Swap out your chair for an exercise ball. Quick one-on-one meeting? Snag a pair of comfy swivel chairs. Need to stretch your legs? Head over to a stand-up desk or grab a raised laptop stand. With so many flexible, new ways to get our work done, we’re officially putting the “agile” in Agile Email Marketing.

Movable Ink new office ways to work

3.    The kitchen.
Funky lamps. Bright tile. Double microwaves. Fully stocked fridge. Beer on tap. Lots of seating. Need we say more?

Movable Ink new office kitchen

4.    Whiteboard & chalkboard walls.
Most of the walls in our new place are painted with whiteboard and chalkboard paint—perfect for spontaneous brainstorming sessions and sketching out new ideas.

Movable Ink new office whiteboard walls

5.    Natural light—all day, every day.
The office perimeter is lined with giant, loft-style windows facing south and west, which let in tons of natural sunlight all day long.

Movable Ink new office windows sunlight

6.    Ping-pong, foosball and shuffleboard.
As more and more desks were added for new employees in our last office, less and less space remained for our beloved ping-pong table. Now, the ping-pong table has found its own home in our open kitchen area, and is joined by foosball and shuffleboard. For those much-needed bursts of energy—be it from caffeine or a quick game—the kitchen is the place to be.

Movable Ink new office ping pong foosball shuffleboard

7.    Functioning elevators.
Before, our elevator was a game of chance. We were never quite sure if it was actually on its way, if we would all be able to fit, or if we would get stuck. Our new elevators (That’s right—plural. Two of ‘em!) are fast, fully-functioning, and even speak to us (“Going up! Going down!”). Modern technology—it’s a beautiful thing.

Movable Ink new office elevator

8.    Storage galore.
In our last space, we had one closet for coats, one for supplies…and that was about it. Now, every employee has personal filing cabinets and drawers, and there are storage closets abound! And with The Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond located just across the street, we’re bound to take office organization to whole new levels.

Movable Ink new office - storage

9.    We’re all together now.
Before, our team was essentially divided in half by the center conference room—our Engineering and Product teams sat in the back section, and our Client Experience, Sales, Marketing, and Operations teams were in the front. Now, we’re reunited and joined together in one open space, with more room for our growing team.

Movable Ink new office

10.   No change in our commutes!
Our last office was located only a few steps away at 5 West 19th Street, closer to the corner of 5th Ave. We moved just a tenth of a mile down the block, closer to the corner of 6th Ave. Most importantly, this means that all our favorite food trucks and lunch spots are still within reach!

Movable Ink office move

Needless to say, we’re excited about our move and what it means for the future of our company. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, give us a shout and stop by to see the real deal. Loving the looks of our new place and want to make it yours? Check out open career opportunities at Movable Ink, and join us in our revolution to change the face of email marketing!