Movable Ink Doubles Impressions During Cyber Week, Crushing Last Year’s Record

Cyber Week 2016 was big. Really big. For the second year in a row, Black Friday mobile sales outpaced Cyber Monday, and online sales reached more than $3 billion dollars.

Email was a major driver of these numbers, so it’s no surprise that Movable Ink saw record activity during that time.

On Black Friday alone, we saw more than one billion impressions. But we were just getting warmed up: Saturday saw 1.1 billion impressions. Sunday had 1.2 billion. And for the grand finale, Cyber Monday saw 1.4 billion impression, nearly tripling our 2015 record.

Our total impression count? Between Wednesday (11/23) and Cyber Monday (11/27), Movable Ink crushed all of our previous records with a whopping 6.5 billion Cyber Week impressions. That’s an increase of 160%, year-over-year.

In addition, Movable Ink powered 92% of all contextual emails sent by retailers, up from last year’s 88%. And for the entirety of Cyber Week, we had 100% uptime – a testament to our platform’s reliability during the busiest time of the year!

Don’t worry, we kept tabs on how those campaigns performed throughout the week. Check out our Holiday Email Report: Cyber Week Recap to see opens by device, average order values and much more.

The bottom line? Colossal online sales coupled with record-breaking email activity is a great indicator that email marketers are innovating in the inbox. They’re using contextual marketing to deliver smarter, highly-targeted customer experiences that drive bigger and better results.

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