Monday Catch-up: March Madness, Compliance and Machine Intel

Good Monday morning, marketers! Here’s a quick round-up of a few news items that can help get your week off on the right foot.

When too much attention is as bad as too little

Is it possible for email marketers be too attentive to their customers? “Yes indeed,” say the folks at “While frequency of interaction can build loyalty and brand advocacy, there’s such a thing as being too attentive…and if you’re being too attentive with the wrong kind of attention? That’s a relationship deal breaker on every level.” But here’s some good news – they say diagnosing and solving the problem of “over-attention” is not complicated and share three tips for strengthening your email marketing impact.

What email marketers can learn from “March Madness”

Do you want to develop championship-caliber email marketing campaigns? Of course you do! The Huffington Post makes the case that email marketing is a lot like the year’s most exciting college basketball tournament, which of course is currently in progress: “In the same way that basketball teams run drills and practice plays to prepare for each game in the tournament, email marketers can use certain tried and true tactics to create slam dunk campaigns.”

Compliance with CAN-SPAM? Yes you can!

Compliance with the rules and provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act, the law that governs commercial email, is something all email marketers want to shoot for, because, “Not abiding by the rules (even if unintentionally) set by the CAN-SPAM Act might land your business in legal hot water and burden you with financial penalties,” according to Forbes, which shares “four little email marketing no-nos” you’ll want to avoid to make sure your campaigns are copacetic.

“Machine intelligence” is here to help you, not take your job

“In a few years, email copywriters may spend more time editing and approving copy than writing it, and email designers may not actually design “emails” at all. Why? Because of advancements in machine learning and automation,” writes Marketing Land columnist Chad White. He adds that “machine learning, predictive analytics and other tools are already making an impact on how marketers generate email content” and that “there’s little doubt that over time, machines will be even more actively involved than they are now.” But don’t panic, e-marketing humanoid, there will likely always be a role for you, because, among other factors, “machines are pretty horrible at creativity.”