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Monday Catch-up: Personalization Increases Opens, Social Sharing and “One Off” Holiday Shoppers

It’s on! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. The holiday marketing season is in full swing. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get back to work with a few updates.

95% of surveyed marketers saw increased open rates with personalization

Personalizing emails improved open rates for 95% of email marketers, and almost as many saw an improvement in CTRs. Venture Beat surveyed 200 marketers and found the most frequently used personalization method was using the recipients name — with 32% of marketers using this tactic — but incorporating social profile, demographics data, previous interactions and time of day were close behind.

Read more at Venture Beat. 

Emails with social sharing buttons have a 115% higher click-through-rate 

The National Law Review has published 11 tips for law firms to improve email strategies — but most of the shared best practices apply to any industry. A few of our favorites are:

  • Make it personal
  • Analyze often
  • Incorporate social sharing buttons

Although we recommend going beyond just social sharing buttons, it’s a good place to start.

97% of customers will wait to shop during the 2nd half of the holiday season

According to an article by Biz Report, only 3% of holiday shoppers make purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s important for marketers to know the difference between these shoppers and the remaining 97% who wait. Cameron Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist at Bluecore, suggests updating triggered emails for the second wave of holiday shoppers — or “one off” shoppers — to effectively reach them.