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Monday Catch-up: Metrics, New Apps and Customer-centric Best Practices

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Here’s some good news to welcome you back to the work week — consumers don’t hate advertising. That’s a relief.

Now for a little not-so-good news …

Of the 196 million marketing emails sent daily, only 20% get opened

Scary stat at first glance, but it begs the question — what metrics should you use to determine whether your email campaigns are successful. Clearly open rate is important, but it doesn’t give the full picture. Business 2 Community offers an opinion on click-through rate (CTR) vs. click-to-open rate (CTOR).

CTR measures those who clicked-through on an email and CTOR compares how many people that opened the email to the number that actually clicked. Which is better, according to the article? The answer is what you would expect — it depends on what you’re trying to measure.

CTR shows an email’s overall performance while CTOR examines the success of the content within the email.

Read the full article at Business 2 Community .

AOL launches an email app for Android

AOL has released a new Android app to help manage multiple inboxes. Alto supports AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and iCloud, and offers a view of  ‘stacks’ of all attachments and images. What effect, if any, the app might have on the consumer experience with marketing emails remains to be seen.

Read more about Alto on TNW.

How to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Ad Age has published some best practices for creating a customer-centric company — not to be confused with just a customer-focused company. As with contextual email, customer-centric company practices focus on learning what customers really want and need, and delivering it.

Read more at Ad Age.

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