Monday Catch-up: Marketer Trends, Deliverability and a Webinar

Welcome back to the work week. Let’s catch up on some marketing news …

50% Of Email Marketers Send Everyone The Same Email

A recent survey by GetResponse shared some disappointing stats around email personalization — most email marketers aren’t using personalization and other key targeting tools. But the good news is that many are using automation. The survey shows:

  • 42% of marketers send everyone on their list the same email
  • Only 4% use behavioral and survey data for personalizing emails and targeting
  • 75% use email automation
  • 57% intend to increase email marketing budgets this year


Improve Email Deliverability in 6 Steps

Multichannel Merchant offered 6 tips to improve deliverability. Sending relevant, properly formatted emails tops the list. This tops our list as well — contextual messaging and device detection are our bread and butter — but they also add some coding advice. “Make sure your HTML is properly formatted” because emails that are poorly coded will get caught in filters or won’t render properly.

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WEBINAR: Using live polling to increase engagement and personalization

It’s not too late to register for our webinar to learn more about how live polling can help you gather customer data to create targeted, personalized campaigns, increase engagement levels and drive ROI. Join us on February 10, 2016 at 1 PM EST to learn more about what live polling can do for your marketing efforts and how to implement it in a way that is fun and engaging.

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