Monday Catch-up: Drive Revenue with a Welcome Email Series, Pokemon Go and Geolocation

Happy Monday, marketers. We spent some time scouring the web for compelling email-marketing news so you don’t have to! Here you go:

Welcome series drive revenue

Jess Nelson, writing on Media Post’s Email Marketing Daily, reports on a recent study linking multiple welcome emails with increased email engagement and revenue. The study, conducted by Listrak, tracked the email marketing campaigns of 1000 retail companies to analyze the optimal way for retailers to greet new email subscribers.

It determined that “brands generate more email-based revenue when they send a welcome email series as opposed to a singular welcome email or no welcome email at all,” Nelson writes. “In addition, retail companies that send their first email in real-time alongside a promotion code or discount generate the most sales.”

The implications of Pokémon Go for email marketers

Writing on Only Influencers, Kristy LaPlante looks at the implications of the Pokémon Go phenomenon, and the augmented reality (AR) it employs, for all marketers – and email marketers in particular. “For local marketers or businesses with a local presence, Pokémon Go serves as an effective touchpoint to drive both foot traffic and awareness,” she writes.

“For email marketers, however, the implications are far more significant. After all, you can’t play the game until you register with an email address. AR proves that email is vital to digital experiences, and email marketers can succeed in an AR-enabled world by focusing on all of the personalization options enabled by the medium.”

Tips for a successful back to school email marketing strategy

On the Return Path blog, Alexandra Braunstein takes a look at back to school email marketing campaigns from, among others, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gap and Staples and offers some tips for marketers based on them. Her suggestions include offering compelling discounts, focusing on last-minute shoppers and expanding your audience base to include teachers, as well as parents and students.

“Additionally, even if you’re not technically a brand that is top of mind for back to school shopping items, get creative by incorporating a back to school theme into your messages as this is likely top of mind for many of your subscribers and a great way to bring even more relevancy to your emails,” she writes.

Use geolocation and mobile to reach millennials

Citing an Adobe study saying millennials prefer to hear from brands via email, Seamas Egan, writing on the Huffington Post, says marketers would do well to make email a “key anchor” of their outreach strategy to that 80-million-member cohort.

He advises marketers to “take into consideration the nomadic nature of millennials” and their reliance on mobile to “leverage geolocation data and timely triggers to send personalized emails to consumers based on where they are and what they’re doing.” He also suggests making sure messages are visual and interactive, and that marketers synch email with social media programs.