Monday Catch-up: Conversions, Holiday Email Milestones and 2016 Retail Trends

There are 18 days left in the holiday shopping season — still enough time to reach and convert your customers. Let’s get the week started with some news and tips for optimizing your holiday emails.

Mobile dominates holiday shopping; still room for conversion improvements

There have been many reports that mobile is dominating this holiday shopping season, but mobile conversions can still be a challenge. offers some UX best practices retailers can implement to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase mobile conversions.

Some examples include:

  • Auto-detection of a mobile shopper’s city and state based on their zip code
  • Auto-detection of credit card type (Visa, MC, AmEx) based on card number
  • Testing form fields to ensure compatibility with the autofill capabilities of today’s popular mobile browsers
  • Hiding option fields such as promotion code fields behind an accordion. User studies show that shoppers fill out all visible fields.


Movable Ink Dominates Holiday Contextual Emails with 88% Market Share on Busiest U.S. Online Shopping Day

Movable Ink achieved its highest volume day in company history on Black Friday, powering 538 million email opens with live content. That’s more impressions in a single day than Movable Ink powered over a two-and-a-half year period during the company’s early years between 2010 and 2013.

And according to data pulled from eDataSource, Movable Ink powered 88% of all contextual emails sent by retail brands on Monday, November 30 — Cyber Monday — which ranked as the heaviest U.S. online shopping day in history according to ComScore.

“This massive milestone we achieved on Black Friday surpassed all expectations, and our ability to power this level of traffic is a testament to the hard work of the entire Movable Ink team,” said CEO Vivek Sharma. “While we recognize brands have choices for contextual emails, we remain committed to providing the most scalable and dependable platform for enterprises who can’t afford to have a hiccup during their peak season. This focus has helped us consistently remain the market leader in the space.”

Webinar: Email Marketing For Retail: Top Trends for 2016

Today’s consumers have an expectation of personally relevant marketing messages, and in 2016 we’ll see more retail brands raising the stakes by delivering contextually aware email content.

We’ve worked with our partner, interactive agency CTRAC, to bring you insight into new trends, best practices and inspiration to take your email campaigns to the next level in 2016. Register for the free webinar “Email Marketing For Retail: Top Trends for 2016” now.